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Susan Beale

Following completion of her BA (Hons) in 1999 at the Kent Institute of Art and Design Susan Beale has worked as a Designer Silversmith and Jeweller.

Susan Beale’s own comments on the influences and inspirations in her work are instructive in understanding how she manages to take her work to a new dimension: -
“My earlier studies in fashion and textile design have influenced my work a great deal. I love to use texture and colour in contrast to the white of the silver.

I find as I enter the Tenth Year in my business (October 2009), that my fascination for gold and silver keeps growing as it brings my work to life. I am now beginning to understand why these metals have held such an important place throughout the Age’s.

For inspiration, having decided the ultimate function of the piece, I explore the possibilities of where I can take the design, looking to nature, architecture and fashion. I believe that in the creative world the observation of our surroundings in all its forms can lead to the most provocative pieces. The more that one looks and explores our world the more there is to take from it, which leaves the possibility infinite. I find that nature provides curvaceous and soft forms which are balanced by the tradition of the vertical and horizontal in architecture; fashion brings the fantasy and experimental excitement, which hopefully gives my pieces a timeless feel.”


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